Rent accounts on My Falkirk

Please note: Due to a change over to a new rent management system the data supporting the My Falkirk Rent accounts has not been updated since the end of May. Work is underway to consolidate the data and once this is complete online rent accounts will be corrected. You can still make rent payments online or by other methods, and if you need to check your balance call us on 01324 506070.

My Falkirk

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My Falkirk allows you to request and receive services online using your computer or smartphone, any day of the week, when it's most convenient for you.

Registration and sign-in for your online customer account is powered by the Scottish Government's 'myaccount' service. It checks who you are and allows you to use a single account to access a range of Scottish public services online.

Create your 'myaccount'

With myaccount you can:

  • Sign up for online accounts
  • Save forms for completion later
  • Automatically populate forms with your details
  • Avoid having to re-register with local public sector services when you move to a new part of Scotland
  • Gain trusted access to council services that require evidence of identity
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